Let’s face it, not everyone is ready to buy a home due to various circumstances.  However, there’s not too many agents that like to assist Renters because the commission payout is very low.  So, Renters are often left to search for rentals on their own which can turn into a very frustrating task.  Often times, Agents that list Rentals won’t even show their own rental listing themselves and it’s hard finding other Agents to show the rental listing.  Often Renters waste their money by submitting rental applications on properties that already have an application on it, unbeknownst to them.  Also, most Renters just don’t have enough knowledge of application requirements each Landlord or Property management company requires and make too many mistakes and pitfalls when submitting applications.  This could end up ruining their credit score by having their credit pulled too many times.

We provide tenant representation services and love working with Renters.  Not only do you get a chance to see how we work during the rental search process but, we get a chance to build a relationship with you that will hopefully cultivate into us assisting you with your future Real Estate needs.  We charge a small rental locator fee which covers:

  • Tenant Representation-we handle all communications and negotiations on your behalf
  • Schedule & show you unlimited rental listings for up to 60 days, as soon as they hit the market at a time convenient to you
  • Industry Knowledge that will save you money on unnecessary application submissions
  • Access to off the market rental listing through our various Realtor & Investor Network

In addition to assisting Renters, we provide a Rent Now Buy Later program where we waive our Rental Locator Fee.  We are also connected with a national company the provides a Rent with a First Right To Purchase program.  Contact us today for more information on these programs or to schedule a Tenant Representation Consultation!